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Hey friends and followers! I am about to go live pretty soon with my new blogsite so I havent been posting much here.

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Tanya & Andy -A Flory Photo Engagement Shoot!

Tanya and Andy are such funny and warm people. I loved documenting their love during this engagement shoot and I cannot wait for their wedding next week :)

who needs a wall when you can have a garage door instead? Ah! I loved their house!

shot as a Flory Photo Associate! 

Renu & Sam-a Flory Photo Engagement Shoot!

I know I say this every blog post..but this couple is SO great! I had a blast getting to know Renu and Sam during their engagement session in San Francisco and I cannot wait for their wedding in October :) 

warning: the next image MAY make you blind:

*shot as a Flory Photo Associate

Rebecca & Philip Sneak Peek!

You can’t get much better than these two. I CANNOT wait to share more from this adorable wedding..

Bri & Brad Engaged!

These two are SO into each other! I love their love for each other and I cannot wait for their October wedding in Colorado!  

Catherine & Ben Sneak Peek

I knew I’d fall in love with Catherine and Ben the moment the walked into Peets Coffee for our innicial meeting. You can tell they’re good people within the first minute of being in their presence.  

It was such an honor to be able to document and play a roll in their day. I cannot wait to post this wedding.. but until then, here is a little preview:

Catherine & Ben Engaged!

These two were so fun to photograph…even when it decided to rain down on us.

Carmel, CA.

Lauren Mazzotta

This is Lauren. Shes pretty cute huh?

Kylie & Dusty Sneak Peek

A few frames from a lovely wedding I just shot in Massachusetts yesterday. More to come soon! 

Mason Schroder

Mason is a designer, photographer, amazing dancer and was a super fun second shooter at last weeks wedding. Give him some love and check out his work here.

Laura & Charles

Not having met this New York couple before the actual wedding day, I had no idea what to expect- but Laura and Charles could not have been more wonderful! After only spending 5 minutes with them, anyone could see that they have something truly special. I loved seeing her nose wrinkle when he made her laugh and hearing how he reminded her of how beautiful she is every 10 minutes. Thanks to their lovely wedding, I fell in love with their unique venue, Barndiva, with the town of Healdsburg, and with this fun pair: 

There are a million reason why I am thankful to work with Flory Photo. One of them is I get to meet and photograph such awesome brides and grooms like Laura and Charles! 

I’m also really grateful for my fun and wonderful friend, Mason Schroder, who helped assist me during this awesome Flory Photo wedding. 

Thanks Mason for being such an awesome assistant/second shooter/ wing-man/co-pilot. You made this day extra fun!

Engagement photos: Faye & Kyle

I’ve known Faye and Kyle for a few years now and couldn’t be more thrilled that they are getting married in October!

I remember about 4 years ago, when I was starting to be interested in photography, Faye told me I would photograph her wedding one day. Of course at the time I thought she was out of her mind…

I think when you’re starting out at doing something you love, all you need is one person to trust you. Faye has always been one of those people in my life. From her editing my resume when I was 18, to her taking me on a photo adventure when I turned 19.. Faye is one of the most encouraging and affirming people on the planet. I’m so happy she is marrying someone who’s just as special and I’m so thankful I got to encourage them to participate in extreme PDA during their engagement session!

Meet my sweet friends, Faye & Kyle:

Senior Photos: Haley Pickerell

I’ve known this pretty girl since she was in 4th grade.. so I pretty much felt like an old fart during the whole session..

weird smile.. but I was in fact REALLY happy :)

Hayley girl, you have developed into such a beautiful woman. I can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful Sonoma experiences and I can’t wait to see where God takes you during this new and exciting chapter of your life. Love you like a sister :)

new chapter, new look

I’m excited to say I’m halfway done with being re-branded! I’m getting a new site, logo and business cards! Hey, maybe I’ll even get LIVESTRONG inspired rubber bracelets and headbands for people to wear to promote my little photo business! 

Here’s a little sneak peek at whats to come:

I CANNOT wait for my new site to go live in a monthish. Stay tuned :)

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